OCBA?New Lawyers take on board in euchre


Photos by John Meiu

 The Oakland County Bar Association’s New Lawyers Committee (NLC) challenged the OCBA Board of Directors to the 1st Euchre Challenge on March 13 at the Loving Touch in Ferndale.  

“This is a new spin on an old tradition for us,” said NLC Chairperson Geoffrey Brown in reference to the Bowling Challenges of years past. OCBA President James Derian of Delphi Automotive Systems LLC was glad to see the trophy go to the NLC since the board typically took the trophy home in the bowling challenge. 
Both teams had a good time while raising funds for the Jacqueline E. Bayley Foundation. Each year the NLC chooses a charity to advocate for and to whom it dedicates the proceeds of its fund-raising efforts. 

The mission of the Jacqueline E. Bayley Foundation is to raise awareness of and support research of ovarian cancer. Bayley was an attorney at Brown’s firm, Collins, Einhorn, Farrell PC, who passed away from ovarian cancer at a young age. 

“She was a fun-loving person so this is kind of an appropriate event,” Brown added.