Nation - Monthly guide to ABA Center for CLE

May 11

Regulatory and Intellectual Property Opportunities

and Challenges for Life Science Companies Entering

the U.S. Market, Teleconference

Life sciences companies, particularly early-stage companies, face many challenges when trying to obtain market authorization in the U.S. This program will analyze those obstacles, with expert panelists offering recommendations for overcoming these challenges while protecting company interests and maximizing product benefits.

May 11

Is Commercial Real Estate the Next Litigation Wave?,


With all the recent news coverage on America's housing crisis, commercial real estate issues have been sidelined. Regardless, this industry has suffered from a similar crisis--two trillion dollars in commercial real estate loans will be due over the next 15 months and default rates are soaring. This teleconference will explore the unique litigation issues related to commercial real estate defaults and strategies for navigating these complexities.

May 14

Procurement Symposium Virtual Meeting, Teleconference

This half-day seminar will cover the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, state and local procurement, challenges in technology procurement and contracting, and more. This program is for new and seasoned procurement lawyers.

May 18

Follow the Money: A Primer on Economic Drivers

of Physician Hospital Transactions, Teleconference

Without an understanding of the financial drivers of hospital-physician transactions, health lawyers face a daunting task in counseling clients on the structure of win-win deals. This session will focus on traditional hospital-physician arrangements, such as physician practice acquisitions, exclusive professional services agreements and ambulatory surgery center ventures. A great introductory course to newer health care lawyers, this program also serves as a refresher to veteran practitioners.

May 25

Digital Platforms 101, Teleconference

This teleconference will provide an overview of the major digital video distribution platform technologies, services and business models, and related digital rights management solutions. Additional topics include top digital media trends, key issues with online video and TV programming, digital distribution strategies, and more.

Additional Programs

May 5 - 7 National Institute on Internal Corporate Investigations and Forum for In-House Counsel, Washington, D.C.

May 6 HIPAA Fundamentals, Teleconference

May 7, 14, and 21, The Third Annual National Institute Series on Writing Techniques for Winning Cases with Gary Kinder, Various Cities

May 10 EU Cartel Enforcement Policy: Is the Noose Tightening or the Hangman Slipping, Teleconference

May 18 Colliding Jurisdictions in Class Actions, Teleconference

May 25 Patent Licensing for Standards, Teleconference

May 26 The How and Why of the Administrative Lawyer, Teleconference

May 26 The New Wave of Dispute Resolution, Teleconference

May 27 Fourth Annual National Institute on e-Discovery, Washington, D.C.

Published: Thu, May 6, 2010