Firm announces Diversity Scholarships

The application process is now open for Varnum's third annual Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship Program, which will provide $11,000 in scholarships to students committed to diversity within the legal field.

The scholarship program was created as part of the firm's ongoing efforts to encourage diversity in the legal field by offering financial support to students who exhibit a commitment to promoting greater ethnic or racial diversity and inclusion as they pursue a career in law.

The program includes four scholarships:

* Two $4,000 scholarships for first-year law students.

* Two scholarships for undergraduate juniors to attend an LSAT Preparation course valued at up to $1,500.

"At Varnum we're dedicated to supporting programs and policies that create a culture of awareness and inclusion, and these scholarships are just one way we continue to build diversity and inclusion into the fabric of the firm," said Beth Skaggs, partner and member of Varnum's Diversity and Inclusion team.

Started more than 15 years ago, Varnum offers one of the most progressive Diversity and Inclusion programs in the Midwest, including a Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council, ongoing firm-wide programming on diversity issues, and consistent financial support for diversity initiatives, groups, and programs in the community.

The selection criteria for the first-year law students scholarships include:

* A cumulative minimum 3.0 GPA.

* Member of an ethnic or racial minority or demonstrates a significant commitment to issues of diversity and inclusion.

* A Michigan resident accepted to or currently attending an accredited law school within the United States, or a non-Michigan resident attending an accredited Michigan law school.

The selection criteria for the LSAT prep course scholarships include:

* A junior level student currently attending an accredited Michigan college or university.

* Academic achievement as reflected by a cumulative minimum 3.0 grade point average.

* A member of an ethnic or racial minority or demonstrates a significant commitment to issues of diversity and inclusion.

The application deadline for the scholarships is March 15, 2011. To apply, visit For more information about Varnum's Diversity and Inclusion efforts and to see our annual report visit

Published: Tue, Dec 7, 2010