March 2, 2010


    1. People's Law College draws interest from around county; Seminars cover wide range of topics
    2. Notable Excellence
    3. Daily Briefs (March 2)
    4. Courts - Supreme Court Notebook
    5. Me, Mr. Madoff and the debt collector
    6. Business - Washington, D.C. January spending increases but income growth slows
    7. Business - Oregon Biotech beets Suit seeks to bar genetically modified sugar beets
    8. Business - Virginia Buzz and bullets: Gun fans cheer Starbucks' policy Other businesses have declared their stores 'gun-free' zones
    9. State - Wide-open Michigan governor's race hard to call National handicappers give Republicans a slight edge in race
    10. State - Prosecutor: Mich. man killed 2 to avenge his mom Assistant Prosecutor Sara Edwards gave opening statement Monday
    11. Client interviews can provide important feedback
    12. Courts - Courts Round Up
    13. Nation - National Round Up
    14. State - Detroit Detroit-area stores swipe millions from food aid Federal agents and state police have formed a task force
    15. Nation - Texas Arson suspects grew up together in small Baptist church
    16. Courts - Texas Former Enron CEO could see new trial Skilling's attorneys say 'intangible right to honest services' is unconstitutional
    17. Nation - Maryland Mozart murder? Annapolis woman investigates composer's death
    18. Courts - Supreme Court Justices consider whether Second Amendment applies to states
    19. Nation - Georgia Athens police fed up with increased fake crime reports
    20. It's not Rocket science
    21. State - Flint What brings out people's best? Famous psychologist hoping to make heroes
    22. Legal Landscape: Attorney captures life's fleeting moments through his camera lens
    23. Prosecutors say list of eligible parolees will help them keep some behind bars