March 10, 2010


    1. State - Automotive Class-action lawsuits could cost Toyota $3B-plus Wrongful death, injury lawsuits could cost company tens of millions more
    2. Nation - National Round Up
    3. State - Detroit Downsizing Detroit City wants to save itself by shrinking
    4. Nation - Illinois Murder victim's daughter seeking justice Sheriff's Department continues to investigate killing near small village
    5. Courts - Court Round Up
    6. Nation - California Prosecutors say man ran student visa fraud ring for Middle Eastern nationals
    7. Nation - Oklahoma Conservatives debate divorce legislation
    8. Business - Waiting for someone to make the first move Employers vs. Consumers: Who will blink first?
    9. Networking News
    10. Daily Briefs (March 10)
    11. Rain Check
    12. Herstein appointed to Sphinx board of directors
    13. Courts - Georgia Assisted suicide network members indicted Group argues members only guided people through the process
    14. Nation - Atlanta Magazine wants crime scene pics
    15. Business - Louisiana Former Saints teammates file suit over investment Pair claims not to have received movie tax credits
    16. Business - Your Money Some taxing family matters
    17. Business - California Tax season brings out the e-mails from fraud artists
    18. Seven tips for law firm Web site content writing
    19. Reviving the Privileges or Immunities Clause
    20. State - Nemeth Burwell lawyers honored
    21. State - Lawyer elected to Ann Arbor Art Center board
    22. Matchmaker at heart: Area lawyer serves as legal 'connector' for her clients
    23. Build America Bond
    24. Profile in Brief-Vanessa Fluker Woman on a Mission
    25. UDM School of Law hosts annual lecture on law and religion March 10