April 27, 2010

    1. Legal View: If not the courts, then whom?
    2. Money Matters: Don't let details deprive you of tax credit
    3. The Firm: Controlling the costs of e-discovery


    1. Supreme Court Notebook


    1. Daily Briefs (April 27)
    2. Scholarly work Law professor profiles 'Guardians of the Democratic Process' in her book on State Secretaries of State
    3. Business - Analysis New global board experiences rocky start Discussions to resolve differences revealed divisions
    4. Business - China U.S. group says worried about China protectionism Report echoes complaints from companies and other business groups
    5. Business - New York Forecasters optimistic about economy and job creation GDP expected to grow 2 percent
    6. Business - Ohio Green cha-ching 'Green' becomes more than just a marketing pitch
    7. State - Cadillac Parents take private anguish public Teen's suicide prompts schools to take on bullying
    8. Nation - New York Flaws found in country's child-abuse registries U.S. Supreme Court to hear case of California couple
    9. Nation - California Auditors not told of lab problems
    10. Courts - Supreme Court Court to decide if state can regulate video games Opponents of ban say games are protected forms of expression
    11. Nation - Louisiana Judge: FDA must reconsider ban on sales of baby turtles
    12. State - Wayne State U. researchers seeking wild turkey hearts
    13. Gubernatorial team Bouchard-Land address Eastside Republicans at dinner Pair is one of 5 tickets seeking nomination
    14. The President's lawyer Obama's Supreme Court point man seen as low-key but tough