May 11, 2010

    1. Money Matters: How the mighty mortgage makers have fallen
    2. Legal View: Open wide and say, 'DNA' a 4th Amendment concern
    3. The Firm: Does your firm have a language gap?


    1. National Round Up


    1. State Round Up


    1. State - Detroit City's police blitz criminals to win back streets Evans: Police 'have to take the battle to the criminals'
    2. Michigan Supreme Court wraps up final oral argument session of 2009-10 term
    3. Business - Louisiana Shareholder at BP sues execs over oil spill Says safety issues were ignored
    4. Courts - Washington, D.C. Obama picks top lawyer for U.S. Supreme Court Solicitor General Kagan is known as sharp and politically savvy
    5. Courts - Profile Kagan had rapid ascent to high court nomination
    6. Business - Washington, D.C. Rule change favors unions at airlines, railroads
    7. Business - Washington, D.C. We're movin' out Census: Share of Americans on the move edging up
    8. Business - Washington, D.C. Will work for work More people feel now's the time to seek a job
    9. Nation - Wyoming New law pits guns vs. grizzlies in national parks Rangers are recommending pepper spray to thwart bear attacks
    10. Nation - Washington, D.C. Top prosecutor D.C.'s U.S. attorney keeps one foot in court, the other in the streets
    11. Nation - Maryland Sept. 11 statue listed on eBay Proceeds will benefit defrauded investors
    12. Spring Charity Benefit to aid Haiti relief work Auction items include Nussbaumer as personal caddy
    13. Law Day 2010 Students 'decide' Kilpatrick probation violation case 4 schools take part in Law Day program at Hall of Justice
    14. Daily Briefs (May 11)
    15. CLS Annual Awards