May 14, 2010

    1. Taking Stock: Investment Warnings
    2. Under Analysis: A new television law show?
    3. One Perspective: Cash, corporations, unions and free speech
    4. Legal View: Pets in divorce


    1. National Round Up


    1. Business - Washington, D.C. Foreclosures are down 2 percent from last year But banks seize record number of homes in Apr.
    2. Business - Washington, D.C. New U.S. claims for unemployment insurance down
    3. Business - Washington, D.C. Weak small business lending could slow recovery Obama wants to reroute $30 billion to community banks
    4. Business - Washington Patent protestations Maker of Droid swipes back at Apple over cell phones
    5. Business - Pennsylvania Court: 2nd Rigas trial may be double jeopardy
    6. Courts - Supreme Court Watch Supreme Court nominee has thin 'paper trail' Kagan's writings are poor predictors of decisions she might make
    7. State - Brian Henry to present at 2010 Young Lawyers annual summit
    8. State - Michigan Appellate Bench-Bar Conference set for June 10-11
    9. State - ADTC hosts annual golf outing June 7
    10. Pressing the point Student journalists have ally in MSU law clinic
    11. Nation - South Dakota Judge rules for troopers in shooting death Plaintiff failed to prove excessive force
    12. Nation - Ohio 'Homicidal Hitchhiker' faces death Man preyed on motorists for 3 weeks in 1983
    13. Nation - Oregon Portland police chief fired following settlement City paid $1.6 million to settle wrongful death lawsuit
    14. Nation - Wyoming Judge: Trucker won't depose former trooper early Driver was kidnapped in plot to extort money from Wal-Mart
    15. Walter Shapero Symposium N.Y. Times author addresses FBA Bankruptcy Committee Says current debate over regulatory reform lacks necessary urgency
    16. Daily Briefs (May 14)
    17. Local Voice: $25 million savings, the circuit court and going forward