May 20, 2010


    1. Business - Washington, D.C. Dropouts rise in gov't loan modification program Critics say program is only delaying inevitable surge in foreclosures
    2. Courts - Fact Check Kagan is no peacenik
    3. State - Honigman attorney gives address at 2010 Energy Conference
    4. Business - Massachusetts Dividend outlook sunny, but tax cloud looms Congress expected to OK higher taxes on dividend income
    5. State - AdWatch Cox ad chides Hoekstra for bank bailout
    6. State - Lansing Senate bill would cut revenue-sharing payments Lawmakers don't appear willing to raise fuel taxes for state roads
    7. State - Race for Governor Cox keeps up pressure on Hoekstra with 2nd TV ad Longtime congressman says AG is 'cherry-picking' through vote records
    8. Courts - Supreme Court Watch White House touts nominee, releases Kagan papers Her years under Clinton to be scrutinized
    9. Nation - Indiana Fed probe finds sex abuse at state juvenile center USA says state could face lawsuit unless it does more to protect teens
    10. Courts - New York Prosecutors: Ex-NYPD cop used job to prey on women
    11. Business - Washington, D.C. Far from over Mortgage delinquencies, foreclosures break records
    12. Nation - New York Canadian doc accused of unlawfully treating pros No athletes are named in criminal complaint filed Tuesday
    13. Nation - New York Novartis hit with $250M award
    14. Nation - New York Times Square car bomb suspect makes first appearance in court
    15. Elder Law of Michigan Shaltz receives second annual Joe D. Sutton Call to Justice Award Vanguard Awards also announced
    16. What's the big IDEA? Program showcases King High students' imaginations
    17. Courts - Florida Attorney seeks to combine 100-plus oil lawsuits At least 8 federal judges have held hearings on oil spill cases