May 21, 2010

    1. Taking Stock: Keeping up with Greece
    2. Under Analysis: It's not a movie, but it still deserves a good review
    3. Off Hours: A fort of one's own
    4. Eye on Lansing: Michigan service tax defended by phantom facts
    5. Law Life: Elena Kagan submits questionnaire answers?with one omission


    1. National Round Up


    1. Judge postpones Washington Mutual hearing
    2. Bus driver not indicted in fatal accident
    3. Court Round Up


    1. Minnis Minute: In the presence of greatness
    2. Daily Briefs (May 21)
    3. Eye on the Blogosphere: All the legal ladies, all the legal ladies
    4. Business - Fact Check Health care small business tax cut elusive Fine print and complicated formula leaves some companies out
    5. Business - Washington, D.C. Jobless claims rise by largest amount since gain in February Job market remains volatile
    6. Business - Washington, D.C. Fading of inflation helps buyers and borrowers Federal Reserve may keep interest rates low into 2012
    7. Business - Washington, D.C. Federal agency considers new rules for speed traders
    8. Nation - Kentucky Judge weighs challenge to lethal injection No death warrants issued since new procedure went into effect
    9. Nation - Washington, D.C. 'Modifying' Miranda modifies the political debate A terrorism exception could delay Miranda up to 48 hrs.
    10. Nation - Louisiana Judge chides suspects in Sen. Landrieu office case Activists tried to tamper with phones
    11. Nation - Texas Prisoner executed for killing cellmate Man was 10th inmate put to death in Texas this year
    12. Nation - Wis. Supreme Court Chief Justice to receive John Marshall Award