May 25, 2010

    1. Money Matters: We're ignoring Greece's lessons
    2. The Firm: Evaluating your small firm's marketing results
    3. Legal View: Professor's inflammatory e-mails protected by First Amendment


    1. National Round Up


    1. Court Round Up


    1. Timeless Tribute Scholarship award to enhance legacy of a true 'Legal Beagle'
    2. Focus: Help
    3. Daily Briefs (May 25)
    4. State - Detroit Ford to invest $135M in 2 Michigan factories
    5. Business - Washington, D.C. Obama's big wins have little short-term benefits Landmark overhauls may not help Democrats at polls
    6. Business - Iowa Gaining inside influence PETA buys stock to gain influence on corporate boards
    7. Business - Washington, D.C. New financial rules might not prevent next crisis
    8. Courts - Arizona Daughters' rights as victims complicate murder case
    9. Nation - Montana 'My God, it's a nightmare' For asbestos-ravaged town, questions persist Mining company W.R. Grace settled with EPA for $250 million
    10. Courts - Wyoming Correctional officers' union leaders sue state
    11. Nation - Ohio Hospital to pay $108M settlement
    12. State - 2010 Rotary World Peace Fellowship goes to law prof Cooley law professor Nancy Wonch one of 5 chosen in U.S.
    13. State - Lansing The fight against bullying Anti-bullying plan delayed by competing interests
    14. State - Pontiac Investigators look at old slayings
    15. Illegal immigration in Michigan Legal debate heats up over proposed legislation similar to new law in Arizona Critics say bill would lead to racial profiling and be unconstitutional
    16. Politically Motivated CMS employee honored with Liberty Bell Award for his continued activism