June 1, 2010

    1. Money Matters: How to reduce the risk of a concentrated stock position
    2. Counselor's Corner: A legacy of love
    3. On Point: Reflections on what's really good about a nanny state


    1. National Round Up


    1. Courts - Massachusetts Active justice Justice Souter may be retired, but he still works
    2. Courts - China Chinese court hears novelist's Google lawsuit
    3. Business - New York 4G wireless: It's fast, but outstripped by hype Upgrade will only enhance what you can already do with 3G
    4. Courts - California State Supreme Court hears oral arguments in 'stray remarks' case Ex-manager is suing Google for age discrimination
    5. Business - Idaho Assets from United Airlines '90s bankruptcy divisible in divorce
    6. Business - CEO Q&A Amway CEOs talk global growth, fathers' lessons
    7. Wassom elected to MCBF Board
    8. Nation - ABA opposes mandatory minimums
    9. 'Underwear Bomber' tests security of federal courthouse
    10. Business - New York Toys R Us to go public again through $800M IPO
    11. Business - California Oakland to license, tax indoor marijuana growers
    12. State - Detroit Program teaches city's teen girls how to avoid pregnancy Citywide initiative tackles low literacy levels, too
    13. State - Ovid Artist to promote the environment with grant Series of Japanese woodblock prints to focus on Shiawassee River
    14. State - Cassopolis Stimulus money aids Cass, Saginaw counties with water system work
    15. Charting a New Course Macomb Court Administrator ready to write next 'chapter'
    16. Local Voice: New texting ban will go into effect July 1
    17. Daily Briefs (June 1)
    18. Howard's End
    19. Nation - Wisconsin When is help criminal? Inmate on trial for helping cellmate hang himself
    20. Nation - Rhode Island Ivy League rape case Handling of rape claim at Brown raises questions