June 2, 2010

    1. Taking Stock: Drug stocks
    2. Law Life: Walking in the footsteps of giants
    3. Legal View: Minimizing legal risk in post-recession hiring decisions
    4. Local Voice: Do not throw away the key


    1. National Round Up


    1. State Round Up


    1. Business - England AIG won't accept lower Prudential offer for AIA Shareholders protested initial bid of $35.5B
    2. Business - Washington, D.C. Poll finds debt-dogged Americans stressed Unemployment remains stubbornly high, more risk foreclosure
    3. Courts - Arkansas Senators await Kagan papers from Clinton library
    4. Nation - Oklahoma Man freed by corruption probe resumes life as usual
    5. Courts - New Jersey Sailor's death gives rise to legal battle Decision could alter how the government defends itself in similar lawsuits
    6. Nation - Washington Confusion, mistrust remains in Indian land redress House approved $3.4 billion settlement in class-action lawsuit
    7. Nation - Oregon Notorious 'Jogger Rapist' seeks parole Victims do not believe his claim of religious transformation
    8. Judge Moore to receive OCBA Distinguished Public Servant Award
    9. State - Midland Picturing Papa Hemingway's Michigan Book tells of author's summers spent 'up north'
    10. Profile in Brief-Paula Humphries Mother Mediator
    11. State - Detroit State ramps up efforts to promote healthy eating
    12. Lewis & Munday names new president and CEO
    13. Metro Detroit chapter of ALA celebrates its 35th anniversary Chapter is still going strong
    14. Business - Georgia Exchanging pounds for dollars Dieting for dough -- more U.S. employees trying it
    15. Daily Briefs (June 2)
    16. Dinner and Dancing