June 3, 2010

    1. Money Matters: Long-term investment in today's markets
    2. Legal View: Cops, courts, and (false) confessions
    3. Law Life: Cloud computing?If sky's the limit, what's not to like?


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    1. Courts Round Up


    1. Courts - Supreme Court Watch Kagan's early influences demanding, activist Snippets of nominee's youth prefigure her achievements
    2. Business - New York AT&T caps phone data usage with new wireless plans Sole U.S. carrier of iPhone is introducing plans starting June 7
    3. Business - California Apple's Jobs says idea for iPad came before the iPhone Passing Microsoft, Apple is now world's largest tech company
    4. Business - Washington, D.C. Tobacco loophole in child health law costs $250M Marketing twist lets company pay much lower levy
    5. State - Rochester On the mend -- hopefully Shaky Michigan economy slowly starting to recover
    6. Business - Washington, D.C. FDA clears Amgen's bone-strengthening drug
    7. Nation - Washington, D.C. Right to remain silent? Suspect better speak up Split decision expands limits on Miranda rights -- again
    8. Nation - New York School sued after teen suspended over rosary
    9. Nation - Utah Woman sues Google claiming walking route was not safe Pedestrian was struck by vehicle while crossing boulevard, suffered fractures
    10. Nation - New York Former DA withdraws from minority hiring case
    11. State - Agenda for high court's public conference
    12. Retired attorney shares passion for antique autos
    13. Making Choices Cooley professor teams with father in drug education program for youth
    14. Daily Briefs (June 3)
    15. Straker on Success
    16. Seminar Sessions