June 15, 2010

    1. Money Matters: What caused the crash of 2:45 p.m.
    2. Counselor's Corner: It's none of my business...what people think of me
    3. The Firm: Stop procrastinating and prioritize


    1. State - Oakland County Circuit Court recognizes National Reunification Day
    2. Business - Of Mutual Interest Money fund investors: Prepare to stay underwhelmed New rules are giving fund managers less wiggle room
    3. Courts - Supreme Court Watch Kagan confirmation would affect major tobacco case
    4. State - Detroit Autism advocates push for coverage, may sue Medicaid
    5. State - Michigan Chapter of FBA to hold annual meeting
    6. Business - Indiana Report: Employers to see 2011 medical costs jump Higher deductibles expected
    7. Business - Pennsylvania Baking Wars English Muffin-maker guards 'nooks and crannies'
    8. Courts - Ohio Courts welcome new jury rule for social media
    9. Nation - Georgia Rare open AG seat leads to unusually intense race
    10. Nation - Wisconsin Biff! Pow! Sue! Comic artists clash over copyrights of characters
    11. Nation - California Long-running Ponzi scheme preyed on the elderly
    12. Courts - Wisconsin State's raw milk ban at stake
    13. Daily Briefs (June 15)
    14. State - Lansing Candidates hone strategy as summer campaign begins How much a candidate can spend on TV ads may be decisive factor
    15. Wayne Law announces new faculty members
    16. Nation - Massachusetts Democratizing raising dough Political fundraising tool taps social networks
    17. Cox nabs Right to Life nod in race for governor
    18. Courts - California Sunday school teacher gets life term for girl's murder