August 4, 2010

    1. Law Life: Navigating the professional landmines of social media
    2. Taking Stock: Tim Hortons
    3. The Firm: Why you need to switch to digital client files now


    1. National Round Up


    1. State Round Up


    1. Self-fulfillment: Performance coach helps lawyers improve the quality of their lives
    2. Courts - U. S. Supreme Court Confirmation on track, Senate starts Kagan debate Nearly all Democrats, handful of Republicans, support nominee
    3. Nation - Colorado Military dog comes home from Iraq traumatized
    4. Business - Business Dow Chemical turns profit on sales leap, cost cuts 'Remains guardedly optimistic'
    5. Business - Ford gives power boost to 2011 heavy-duty pickups
    6. Business - Automotive GM, Ford say China sales growth slows in July
    7. State - -- Michigan Votes -- Crowded fields in some congressional districts 11 of 15 incumbent U.S. representatives in primary election
    8. State - Marshall Law center prepares lawsuit over Mich. oil spill Shorelines are black; half the geese mostly covered with pollutant
    9. Courts - Michigan Supreme Court Court returns to 'old' standard in injury lawsuits Ruling moves Michigan law back to where it was before 2004
    10. Business - On the Internet New indentify theft scam targets kids' SS numbers Perpetrators search for dormant accounts, such as childrens'
    11. Business - Economy Consumer spending, personal incomes both weak On the positive side: Weak economy is keeping a lid on inflation
    12. Nation - Louisiana On Gulf, crews hope kill attempt will do the trick 'We won't know condition of the well until we push mud into it'
    13. Nation - New York Panel vote could clear way for ground zero mosque Gingrich, Palin among opponents of the 'Cordoba Initiative'
    14. Courts - California ACLU suit: Mentally incompetent immigrants arbitrarily held 'Black hole' allows indefinite incarceration
    15. Pilot Project No. 1 - Low-conflict divorce program OK'd for 29th Circuit
    16. Courts - Federal Court Plaintiffs: NYC settlement of 50-shot case is fair $7 million settlement largest ever in fatal police shooting in city
    17. Daily Briefs (Aug 4)
    18. Profile in Brief: Tom Saybolt Life after 'Ford'
    19. Constitutional Dig: Law prof helps township establish land use precedent