August 10, 2010

    1. Money Matters: Global economy in second quarter not so good
    2. Counselor's Corner: Choose your cloud
    3. By the Book: 'Try to Remember' proves hard to forget


    1. National Round Up


    1. Court Round Up


    1. Daily Briefs (Aug 10)
    2. Butzel on the Border
    3. Two Triathletes
    4. Business - Employment Forced to retire, some take Social Security early More file for Social Security in 2009 than any year in history
    5. Business - Public sector suffers $26B in federal aid not enough to stop state and local layoffs
    6. Business - 3rd month of weak hiring signals long slog ahead
    7. Courts - Supreme Court 3 women on high court: Historic but impact unclear Kagan is expected to vote much like retired Justice Stevens
    8. Courts - Ohio In turnabout, ex-con gets data on neighbors
    9. Nation - California Judge's personal life debated after gay ruling Lawyers say judge's sexualtiy was not an issue at trial
    10. Courts - Mississippi Hearing sought on death row inmate's appeal
    11. Nation - Illinois Ryan jurors know what Blagojevich jury is facing Former jurors can relate to feeling the pressure of deciding a high-stakes case
    12. Nation - Guantanamo Bay First military trials under Obama begin
    13. State - ABA holds annual meeting in San Fran Theme of assembly is rule of law
    14. State - Race for Governor Wealthy political newcomers are spending big Venture capitalist Rick Snyder spent $6 million on campaign
    15. State - Lansing Federal aid helps, but doesn't fix state's ailing budget Much of the money would be used to avoid teacher layoffs in public schools
    16. Wayne Law welcomes new alumni officer
    17. Project SALUTE has positive impact on veterans Program has held more than 65 clinics across Michigan