August 19, 2010

    1. Cheers from the Bar: Futro enters 2nd year as executive director of DMBA
    2. Legal View: Web-based technology setting next stage for trial prep
    3. One Perspective: Another sad chapter in Gitmo's history
    4. Money Matters: Financial trouble early warning line


    1. National Round Up


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    1. Court Round Up


    1. Nation - Idaho Residents ask judge to halt big oil trucks Opposition to shipments has been building among environmentalists
    2. Nation - Oklahoma Judge: Charter school can get state funds
    3. Nation - New Mexico Watchdog group sues to halt plutonium factory
    4. Nation - Pennsylvania Estate of man who died in cruiser files suit Man was left in police car for five hours in 80-degree heat
    5. Supreme Court Watch Supreme Court justices' summer break activities and housekeeping tasks Sotomayor was in the Bronx; Scalia was in Italy; Kagan readies to join the bench
    6. Business - Real Estate Banking execs say gov't needs to back mortgages Also see it as time to do away with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac
    7. Business - Coping with Fannie and Freddie's collapse
    8. Nation - California State says Farmers hasn't paid fire claims
    9. Courts - Mississippi Lesbian student sues over rejected tux photo
    10. Two attorneys invited to join prestigious fellowship
    11. State - State Bar to hold Annual Meeting in Grand Rapids Sept. 29
    12. Nation - Washington, D.C. Poll: Obama at new low for handling economy Just 41 percent surveyed approve of President's performance
    13. Nation - Nebraska State AG won't defend new abortion law Federal judge has blocked law from taking effect
    14. Wayne State will partner with SBM to host "Professionalism in Action" Program
    15. Daily Briefs (Aug 19)
    16. Young Defenders
    17. Expungements