August 24, 2010

    1. Law Life: Closing time - A tale of two judges
    2. Money Matters: Here's an idea: Let's flood the economy with liquidity


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    1. Daily Briefs (aug. 24)
    2. Fully Invested
    3. Nation - ABA adopts new rules for client trusts Addresses changes in banking laws, technology
    4. State - Ypsilanti 'Game That Never Was' gets played
    5. State - Source of inspiration Fatal illness won't slow teenager's spirit
    6. Business - Energy Gulf claims chief: no-sue rule was his idea Hundreds of lawsuits have already been filed
    7. Business - Finance Some fear bond bubble may be ready to burst
    8. Courts - Missouri Man whose conviction was overturned still fighting City says it can't pay $16 million settlement because of ordinance
    9. Business - Real Estate Nearly 50 percent leave Obama mortgage-aid program Economist sees the $75 billion effort to stem foreclosures 'petering out'
    10. Business - FDA commissioner says agency needs more authority
    11. Nation - Oregon Flow of information in case of missing boy uncommon; chance for fair trial hampered
    12. Nation - Analysis Mosque flap tests limits of U.S. tolerance Once part of country's founding fabric, tolerance is no longer an ideal
    13. Courts - Illinois ACLU claims eavesdropping law violates 1st Amendment
    14. A look at Paeth v. Worth Township Land-use dispute leads to record $600K settlement Township and homeowners were in bitter battle for a decade over property
    15. State - 78 Honigman attorneys named 'Best Lawyers'
    16. Child Welfare Awards nominations sought
    17. Up to the Challenge: Former magistrate relishes start of a new legal chapter
    18. FBI Director appoints Cooley Law School Associate Professor to Advisory Policy Board for Criminal Justice Information Services