August 31, 2010

    1. The Firm: Ten tips for better staff evaluations
    2. Law Life: Gain competitive intelligence using social media
    3. Money Matters: Begin your planning for aging relatives early


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    1. Business - Economy Survey finds support for Fed but split on spending
    2. Daily Briefs (Aug 31)
    3. Dos and Donts
    4. Putting around
    5. Business - Economy Consumer spending rises modest 0.4 percent in July
    6. Business - Health Questions loom over drug given to sleepless vets Families of soldiers who died while taking anti-psychotic call for an investigation
    7. Business - Economy Late payments on auto loans fall in 2nd quarter
    8. Courts - Nevada Burning Man busted Counterculture festival fans say cops too heavy-handed
    9. Courts - Washington, D.C. After debacle, new leader for anti-corruption unit Prosecution of Sen. Stevens was black eye for Public Integrity Section
    10. Nation - Georgia Letter exchange leads to new trial Pen pal and her lawyer son help free man serving life
    11. Courts - California Fate of Dodgers could rest in McCourt divorce case Validity of postnuptial marital agreement is key question
    12. State - Health overhaul State set to start high-risk health insurance pool Enrollment begins this week for an estimated 3,500 people
    13. Nation - New iPad app targets jury selection
    14. Trial preparation: Avoiding common pitfalls subject of CLE class
    15. State - People's Law School offered by MAJ starting next month
    16. Annual Ambulance Chase Sept. 29
    17. First Draft Attorney writes screenplay about the Great Sit-down Strike in Flint
    18. Professionalism in Action: Wayne Law 1Ls end orientation week attending State Bar program
    19. Nation - New York Mosque fallout NYC mosque debate will shape American Islam