September 8, 2010

    1. Taking Stock: Finding good-yielding investments
    2. Counselor's Corner: Love and pain
    3. The Firm: Existing clients can be good target for new revenue


    1. National Round Up


    1. State Round Up


    1. Finding good-yielding investments
    2. Love and Pain
    3. Business - The economy of politics No recession here: Election spending sets records
    4. Business - Analysis Economic pain failed to ease in July Unemployment, foreclosure, bankruptcy rates didn't move
    5. Nation - Capital Culture All the presidents' best-sellers Only six presidents since 1942 have hit the top spot
    6. Business - New York Family of heiress seeks guardian
    7. Courts - Illinois Hearing set on plan to let mentally ill live alone Suit claims state needlessly segregates mentally ill people
    8. Courts - Washington Judicial stall Pres. Obama is getting fewer judges confirmed than Nixon
    9. Courts - Kentucky Mother honors slain daughter through good works
    10. State - Detroit Late school bus keeps Robert Bobb waiting
    11. State - Coloma Courthouse comes to cemetery Family finds perfect element for monument
    12. State - Lansing Race for Governor Gubernatorial campaign a priority for both parties Outcome could influence state's course for the next decade
    13. Existing clients can be good target for new revenue
    14. State - Detroit Street art Museum brings life-sized art outdoors around Detroit area
    15. Nation - New York Sex still for sale One 'censored' bar won't stop online prostitution ads
    16. Nation - Kansas State Supreme Court debate hints at tilt to the right Lawsuit alleges judicial selection process is unconstitutional
    17. State - Nominations for Foster Care Review Board awards dues Sept. 15
    18. The Ground Zero mosque debate
    19. State - IRS division to host workshops for nonprofits
    20. Wayne Law to host labor law symposium
    21. Profile in Brief: Lawrence Garcia - Heading up HBAM
    22. Wayne Law students raise money for Pakistan relief efforts
    23. Dinner is served -- and so is a charity Attorney rounds up dinner guests to raise funds for SafeHouse
    24. Daily Briefs (Sept. 8)