September 14, 2010

    1. Law Life: Take this claim and shove it
    2. Money Matters: New tax laws require planning


    1. New York NYC race riots convict stabbed Road rage likely cause
    2. California Brum, brum, brrrruuuummm Bikers make noise on attempt to quiet motorcycles; Schwarzenegger to decide
    3. Connecticut Man's trial to open in fatal home invasion Crime drew comparisons to Truman Capote's 'In Cold Blood'
    4. Canada Trial for hunter who shot husband begins
    5. Gay candidates for Congress draw advocates' interest, hope
    6. Washington Fenty's fall from favor D.C. mayor is fighting for his political life
    7. National Roundup


    1. Cable channel brings in cash Big Ten Network making money because of fan wishes
    2. Detroit Child care workers sue to break from union State is one of 16 requiring unions represent personal-care workers
    3. 4 Dawda Mann attorneys among 'Best'
    4. Oct. 27 event to celebrate release of 'The Color of Law'


    1. Massachusetts Trial starts for doctor in abortion patient death Experts say it's unusual for doctor accused of negligence to face manslaughter charge
    2. Washington Lesbian seeks reinstatement to Air Force in trial Reinstatement could build momentum for repealing 'don't ask, don't tell' policy
    3. Court Roundup


    1. Fact Check White House health savings challenged Administration may be using fuzzy math
    2. Government Spending A closer look at who got gov't Gulf oil spill contracts Most don't raise alarms, but some could be used as ammunition by critics
    3. Financial Banks get plenty of time to adjust to new rules Banks will be required to keep more capital on hand to offset risk of bad loans


    1. Brooklyn Law professor lectures on Citizens United
    2. School of Law prepares for Annual Red Mass
    3. Back to their roots UDM Law alums return to law student stomping grounds, this time as faculty
    4. Daily Briefs (Sept. 14)
    5. Professionalism Pros