September 16, 2010

    1. From the Judge's Chambers: A modest proposal
    2. Money Matters: Affinity fraud: A wolf in sheep's clothing


    1. Massachusetts Doctor sentenced in abortion patient death
    2. Kansas Judge refuses to bar court nomination Vacancy on court to be filled by the governor
    3. Maryland Out-of-love lawyers fight over finance management In suit, wife accuses husband of breaching his fiduciary duty
    4. California Prosecutor: Man drank for hours before fatal crash Rookie pitcher was killed
    5. New York Feds: Man funded Times Square bomber He was allegedly unaware of money's purpose
    6. Nebraska Man whose case led to Neb. DNA law seeks new trial
    7. Ohio Ex-Ohio Dem chairman charged with bribery, fraud Man faces 31-count indictment
    8. National Roundup


    1. State Roundup
    2. East Lansing MI Robot Futurist: Michigan economy can boom making robots


    1. Kentucky Feds fed up with frivolous filings Prosecutors seek to halt inmate's frequent lawsuits
    2. Connecticut Family hopes to solve cruise disappearance Parents believe son was victim of foul play
    3. New York Dead Sea Scrolls debate spurs criminal trial Attorney faces charges of online impersonation and harassment
    4. Washington U.S. judges agree to pilot study of cameras in court Jurors, witnesses are off limits


    1. Real Estate Home stretch Underwater mortgages strain lives, economic health
    2. Economy Report: Calif. economic growth slow Unemployment to remain high through 2012
    3. Automotive Not your childhood's car Generation gap: 5 ways car culture has changed -- and why we're better off


    1. The trifecta Attorney grants himself an unusual birthday wish
    2. Daily Briefs (Sept 16)
    3. Taking FLAC
    4. Wayne Law's int'l lecture series to kick off Sept. 22
    5. Miller Canfield sponsors art prize competition