September 17, 2010

    1. One Perspective: Is God talking to everyone but me?
    2. Eye on Lansing: Michigan schools contract out more than ever
    3. Uncommon Law: Of Prom Dresses and Textbooks
    4. Under Analysis: Why exercise when you could be eating? Lessons 1-4
    5. Taking Stock: Hhgregg


    1. Washington Appeals court oveturns ecoterror conviction Finds late judge made errors jeopardizing fairness of trial
    2. Texas Condemned killer wins sentencing trial anew Defense was poor
    3. Virginia 2 ex-Blackwater contractors on trial in slayings Defense contends men believed they were being attacked
    4. National Roundup


    1. Wisconsin Prosecutor who 'sexted' victim won't resign DA sent 30 suggestive messages to woman while prosecuting her ex-boyfriend
    2. Boston Suit settled over shock therapy at special needs school Family initially sought millions of dollars in damages, settles for $65,000
    3. Court Roundup


    1. Real Estate U.S. homes lost to foreclosure up 25% on year Michigan in top 10; number of properties entering foreclosure declining
    2. Taxes Poll shows nearly half oppose tax hikes for rich Huge majorities call the economy 'sickly,' say Congress is doing job badly
    3. Economy New unemployment claims at 2-month low
    4. Economy Higher imports widen trade deficit


    1. Oklahoma Annual cost of repeatedly jailing 1 man: $160,000
    2. Story Line Attorney is accomplished author as well
    3. Judge says medical-marijuana law needs help O'Connell's 30-page opinion calls law complex maze
    4. Daily Briefs (Sept 17)
    5. Went to a garden party
    6. Wayne Law professor, students submit urban agriculture analysis and major policy recommendations