September 22, 2010

    1. Taking Stock: A real debt solution?
    2. Bench Mark: The tempest and the teapot
    3. Law Review: Welcome to the firm


    1. National Roundup
    2. California Judge: Toyota settlement likely sealed 2009 crash killed family
    3. Oklahoma Police chief says he'll be vindicated of brutality
    4. Wisconsin Sexting DA Governor starts process to remove prosecutor
    5. Illinois FBI says it supplied fake bomb in Chicago plot Man's motives remain unclear, may have expected payment
    6. Justice Stevens to be honored with first NLADA lifetime achievement award


    1. Detroit Lawmaker seeks feds help after 2 dozen fires Clarke meets with FEMA
    2. Detroit GOP activists back Dem in state congressional run Some see the conservative Republican candidate as an obstructionist
    3. Fact Check Was GM-Chrysler rescue a blank check? Both companies have shown signs of a comeback
    4. Ann Arbor Ex-Michigan student develops university iPhone app Users can access university directory, directions, dining halls, buses and more
    5. 'Evening of Reflection and Relaxation for Attorneys' offered by Cavaiani Oct. 10


    1. Montana Who is Judge Molloy? Controversial jurist at center of furor
    2. Court Roundup


    1. Economy Staying liquid Nervous Americans want easy access to their cash
    2. Technology AT&T starts selling new satellite-enabled smart phone Product could be useful tool for boaters, fishermen, emergency crews
    3. Mortgage Industry GMAC stops some evictions, foreclosed home sales Fixing 'potential issue'
    4. Economy Whoo-hoo! The recession is over! So where's the party? Longest recession since WWII has ended, but 15 million remain unemployed


    1. Link-ing the Deal
    2. Daily Briefs (Sept 22)
    3. Profile in Brief Phyllis Golden Morey
    4. 'Leadership in Business in Uncertain Times' Small Business Forum to feature key interviews, business advice