September 23, 2010

    1. Law Life: Peeping Tom avoids jail on a technicality
    2. Legal View: Bordering on unconstitutional


    1. Nation - Georgia Atlanta megachurch pastor denies sex claims Two young men say preacher abused his spiritual authority
    2. Nation - Virginia State could execute 1st woman in nearly a century Woman hired two men to kill her husband and stepson
    3. Nation - Illinois Entrapment likely issue in Chicago bomb plot Complaint describes how agents gave man chances to back out
    4. Nation - Missouri Lawsuit filed in drug raid that killed dog
    5. Nation - Immigration lawyer finds early gamble on Internet marketing pays off Focus is on foreign medical professionals
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    1. State - Lansing Dems question Snyder role in discrimination claims
    2. State - AdWatch Rep. Dingell airs TV ad critical of GOP challenger
    3. State - Foley recognized for innovative use of IT
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    1. Courts - Texas Court revives SEC's lawsuit vs Mark Cuban Mavericks owner is accused of insider trading to avoid $750,000 loss
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    1. Business - Changing of the economic guard? Obama aide's exit could be prelude to more changes
    2. Business - Health Care White House looks to boost health law at 6 months Democrats package provisions as 'Patient's Bill of Rights'
    3. Business - Health law kicks into 2nd gear; does it help me?
    4. Business - Technology A look at recent tech-industry earnings


    1. Bordering on unconstitutional
    2. Peeping Tom avoids jail on a technicality
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    7. Well Deserved
    8. Michigan Supreme Court Learning Center seeks volunteersa
    9. Michigan Supreme Court Learning Center needs volunteers
    10. Attorney gets three-year suspension for affair with client's wife
    11. New York Former President Clinton argues Dems can keep majority in Congress Urges Democrats to make November elections about choice, not a referendum
    12. South Carolina Single strand of hair focus of arguments before panel
    13. Find reliable investment advice
    14. Law Life Handgun incident a scary reminder that ethics issues can arise anywhere
    15. Washington, D.C. Groups allied to GOP boost their fundraising to defeat Democrats Bush advisers Rove and Gillespie directed launching of political groups
    16. 'Evening of Reflection and Relaxation for Attorneys' offered Oct. 10
    17. California Attorney changed postnup, didn't tell McCourts
    18. Daily Briefs (Sept 23)
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    20. Law Life Pursue integrity to live an 'open, honest' business and personal life
    21. Attorney and community activist earns OCBA's Leon Hubbard Service Award
    22. Michigan Supreme Court Learning Center needs volunteers
    23. Attorney gets three-year suspension for affair with client's wife
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    26. The Firm Uninspired at work? Look for ways to shake things up