September 24, 2010

    1. Under Analysis: Don't call me, I'll call you
    2. Uncommon Law: A textbook case
    3. Eye on Lansing: The myth of unstable funding for schools
    4. Taking Stock: The new standard of living
    5. Law Life: Butt wiggler may get workers' comp


    1. Georgia Lawyer: Other young men went on trips with pastor Bishop plans public response during services Sunday
    2. South Dakota Judge won't dismiss talc lawsuit
    3. Texas Appeals court reverses conviction in dog scent case
    4. Poll shows 3 in 5 Americans say they are knowledgeable about confirmation process
    5. National Roundup
    6. Minnesota Judge backs state's disclosure law on campaign contributions Conservative groups sued to overturn law


    1. Miller Canfield among top 20 firms in U.S.


    1. California Prosecutors: Corruption ingrained in blue-collar town
    2. New Jersey Man accused of raping daughters stands trial Five separate trials to be held separately for each victim
    3. Court Roundup


    1. Finance SEC official pressed on delays in Ponzi case Agency waited 12 years to bring charges against billionaire conman
    2. Real Estate More than half exit foreclosure-relief program Some 2.5 million homes have foreclosed since Dec. 2007
    3. Automotive Gov't needs $133.78 a share to recover GM investment IPO scheduled for November
    4. Economy Inflated concern Unusual worry for economy: Is inflation too low?
    5. Economy Initial claims seeking unemployment aid rise by 12K, to 465K First increase in five weeks


    1. Procedure for bail bondsmen for Oakland County courts
    2. Renaissance Woman Attorney finds weekend time for the world of 'make believe'
    3. Portrait of a Judge: James L. Ryan portrait unveiled at court
    4. WLAM plans reception event Oct. 14 in honor of legislator $500 scholarship to be awarded
    5. Daily Briefs (Sept 24)