September 28, 2010

    1. Money matters: What to do with muni bonds: Stay diversified
    2. The Firm: Uninspired at work? Look for ways to shake things up
    3. Law Life: Expert witnesses still in demand despite downturn


    1. National Roundup
    2. New disability access rules published First major revision of regulations since 1991
    3. Oregon Sex offender used meth to exploit high school girl Teen tells tale of physical and sexual abuse and drug addiction
    4. Washington, D.C. Promises, Promises No amends yet for Abu Ghraib abuse victims Compensation hopes may rest on a Supreme Court decision this week


    1. Firm's attorneys honored as 'Best' and 'Rising'
    2. Detroit U.S., private groups fund wetlands Restoration used $200K in federal grants
    3. Traverse City New Michigan park funding program gets underway Challenge is to get word out about passports and win over skeptics


    1. Washington, D.C. Longest serving prosecutor at DOJ retires at age 88 Was a prisoner of war during WWII
    2. Nebraska Inmate says attorneys needed in death row appeals
    3. Kentucky Judge tosses challenge over doctors in executions
    4. Massachusetts Man stands trial in 1984 killing of Boston teen Investigators matched DNA profile taken from girl's body
    5. Court Roundup


    1. Retail NFL woos women shoppers at thousands of stores $10M marketing effort launched
    2. Advertising After landmark case, Citizens United finds niche Political documentaries champion conservative icons and causes
    3. Medicine Costly cancer therapy $93,000 cancer drug: How much is a life worth?


    1. Daily Briefs (Sept 28)
    2. State of the Court
    3. Farmington Hills wife faces multiple counts in death of lawyer-husband
    4. Wayne Law International Studies Lecture Series International law is no 'magic bullet' in settling Israel-Palestine conflict Legal scholar: Situation seems legally and morally untenable
    5. 'Champion for Justice' to be honored Oct. 8