September 30, 2010

    1. Money Matters: Global outlook: Asian tigers roar
    2. Law Life: Appellate decisions can be stranger than TV dramas
    3. The Firm: When do you hire management?


    1. National Roundup
    2. Federal judge blocks execution set for Thursday
    3. Washington Promises, Promises House Speaker Pelosi's ethics pledge falters Lobbyists, special interests still have unimpeded access to member
    4. California Attacks, accusations characterize AG race so far
    5. Washington Witness recants testimony against lobbyist Aide says he now doesn't think he was influenced
    6. California Three decades on, slain girl's family awaits execution Letters to governor plead against clemency
    7. Survey: Lawyers using technology more


    1. Voter registration deadline nears
    2. Sylvan Township Educators to preserve 110 acres
    3. Traverse City Mussel menace Scientists: Foreign mullosk may leave carp nothing to eat
    4. Detroit Republicans get fundraising boost from state party Supreme Court candidates Young and Davis have fundraising edge


    1. Court Roundup
    2. New York Osama bin Laden evidence readied at detainee trial Government plans to use terrorist leaders' words about holy war


    1. Pharmaceutical Pfizer stock sold, Roberts to hear company's cases
    2. Economy Cycle of pessimism Sour economic mood in living room and boardroom
    3. Business Campbell CEO Douglas Conant to step down in July Executive stabilized soup sales, rebuilt company
    4. Economy Census reveals consequences Recession impacts U.S. marriages and food stamps; expands income gap


    1. Mentor Match Game Program brings together pro bono work with mentoring
    2. Keith Center to host civil rights film festival
    3. Daily Briefs (Sept 30)
    4. Members Only
    5. Farer lecture on Israel-Palestine conflict was superficial, bias