October 8, 2010

    1. The Firm: Be prepared for contingencies
    2. Taking Stock: The truth about the recession being 'over'
    3. Under Analysis: The parable of the one-winged bird
    4. One Perspective: What we can learn from immortal words of Matthew Harrison Brady
    5. Eye on Lansing: Choice and privatization reform for basic welfare services
    6. Daily Briefs (Oct 8)


    1. Maryland Security lapses seen in teacher's death at detention center
    2. New Jersey Informant's meeting with mayor aired at trial Mayor says he never took $10K
    3. National Roundup
    4. South Carolina Widow of beach jogger killed by plane files suit Suit names pilot and manufacturer of kit-built single-engine plane
    5. Illinois Senator calls for anti-bully law after suicide


    1. Hawaii Drug companies to pay $82M to settle state suits
    2. Court Roundup
    3. South Carolina ACLU sues jail over its Bible policy Good Book is only book inmates are allowed
    4. Ohio State executes man who killed lover over ATM card Execution is state's eighth in 2010, second only to Texas


    1. Sept. sales results stronger Retailers pleasantly surprised
    2. Economic forecast: Partly sunny Unemployment claims drop At lowest level since early July
    3. Economy Midnight run Monthly trips to the grocery store reveal economic desperation
    4. Real Estate AG Holder says Justice looking into foreclosures Many state attorneys general expected to sue mortgage companies


    1. Legal issues surround bill related to use of narcotics Michigan would be first state in U.S. to implement roadside saliva test
    2. Gift of Education Developer/lawyer donates building to Oakland University
    3. Real Estate Officials call for halting some foreclosures AG's office says call for investigation is 'politicizng' issue
    4. SBM Gathering