October 12, 2010

    1. The Firm: Rule 1.17 and the small-firm practitioner
    2. Legal View: Oops - I sent my strategy letter to opposing counsel


    1. New York Cop who made tapes accuses NYPD of false arrest Officer is pursuing $50M civil rights lawsuit against city
    2. Texas Death row inmate seeks high court OK for DNA tests Man was an hour from execution when Supreme Court issued a delay
    3. Washington, D.C. The non-COLA No boost for Social Security checks in 2011
    4. National Roundup


    1. Fact Check Checking out statements made by Bernero, Snyder
    2. -- Informed Vote 2010 -- Gubernatorial candidates meet in only debate Snyder enjoys 20-point lead over Bernero only weeks before election
    3. Michigan Probate Judges Association names Lipton 'Legislator of the Year'
    4. Seven of Honigman's key practice areas earn high national marks


    1. Supreme Court Watch Stolen Valor Act and free speech Law punishing fake heroes may go to Supreme Court
    2. Texas Ft. Hood rampage to be recalled at suspect's hearing


    1. Economy Tougher jobs Unemployed find old jobs now require more skills
    2. Real Estate Foreclosure freeze could undermine housing market Industry observers say crisis could extend housing depression another few years
    3. Education Report: College dropouts cost taxpayers billions


    1. Judge's tenure in family court a point of pride Kelly would bring different dimension to high court
    2. Keith Center to host lecture on 'Islamphobia'
    3. Wayne Law International Speaker Series Unintended consequences 'Guantanamo lawyer' discusses Miranda exception for terrorists
    4. Daily Briefs (Oct 12)
    5. Red Mass