October 13, 2010

    1. From the Judge's chambers: Empathy and the law
    2. Taking Stock: Home Depot
    3. Legal View: U.S. Supreme Court tackles secondhand testimony


    1. Nation Number of ed civil rights complaints on the rise 11 percent increase is largest jump in at least 10 years
    2. Tennessee Memphis man faces death penalty for 6 slayings
    3. Pennsylvania Trial starting in bizarre, twisted collar-bomb case
    4. National Roundup


    1. Lansing Governor wants $25M for Michigan tourism campaign
    2. Bernero's passion cuts both ways
    3. Snyder offers accountant's skills
    4. Detroit law firm receives first tier ranking
    5. State Roundup


    1. Washington, D.C. Breyer unsure about cameras at court Justice rejects ideological labels as simplistic
    2. Michigan Supreme Court Summary of a case before the high court Please note: the summary that follows is a brief account of a complicated case and may not reflect the way that some or all of the Court's seven justices view the cases. The attorneys may also disagree about the facts, the issues, the procedural history, or the significance of the case. Briefs in the case are online at
    3. Indiana Church financier and pastor faces 10 fraud charges in Ponzi scheme Man and sons duped investors out of $120M
    4. Supreme Court Notebook


    1. Technology Google's 3Q expected to show good times are back Company has hired 2,000 workers during first half of the year
    2. Economics Nobel Prize may not help Obama's Fed nominee Republicans have blocked nomination, saying professor lacks experience


    1. GOP justice hopes conservative style wins votes
    2. Symposium premier Conference to highlight African-American Leadership in the Law
    3. Profile in Brief Reform-Minded
    4. Supreme Court to hear oral argument as part of program
    5. Daily Briefs (Oct 13)