October 20, 2010

    1. Taking Stock: Another stimulus package?
    2. Expert Witness: Little changes at DAAD mean a lot
    3. Expert Witness: The right to write right To help law firms hire neophyte attorneys that can write
    4. The Firm: Client feedback even more important in today's economy
    5. Legal View: Wage and hour statutes can be a minefield


    1. Nation - Oregon Defense contractor target of helicopter parts probe Company says fake 'Jesus nuts' were put in wrong bin
    2. Nation - Texas Father: Jordanian man in Dallas bomb plot was depressed
    3. National Roundup
    4. Nation - Mississippi Death row inmates ask for trial
    5. Nation - ABA Forum on the Construction Industry presents 'Sticks & Bricks' program
    6. Nation - Mississippi High court won't hear appeal in deadly crash Says decision to review case was 'improvidently granted'


    1. State - -- Informed Vote 2010 -- Law professor and clerk face off in SOS race Oakland County Clerk Ruth Johnson takes on new challenge
    2. State - Benson approaches campaign like a training for a marathon
    3. State - Journalists honored by State Supreme Court for news series on 'Baby Court'
    4. State - Washington U.S. sues Michigan Blue Cross Blue Shield Suit targets 'most favored nation' clauses between insurer and hospitals


    1. Courts - Georgia Faction that lost control over SCLC files appeal
    2. Courts - New York Feds: People can snap photos outside courthouses


    1. Business - Technology Google to bring Dead Sea Scrolls online Project will grant free, global access to 2,000-year-old text
    2. Business - Economy Survey: Recession still has a grip on workers


    1. Lawyer Abroad
    2. Daily Briefs (Oct 20)
    3. Friends at the Bar
    4. Students pass July bar exam, local admissions ceremonies planned
    5. Lawyers see uptick in pregnancy discrimination lawsuits Greater awareness of workplace rights is contributing factor
    6. Google car is 'IT'