October 22, 2010

    1. Legal View: The demise of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'
    2. Taking Stock: What's with Beta?
    3. Under Analysis: The eye of Texas are a little bit blurry
    4. Eye on Lansing: Choice and privatization reform for basic welfare services
    5. One Perspective: What we don't know can hurt us
    6. The Firm: Rule 1.17 and the small-firm practitioner


    1. Texas Mother, son deportation fight ends after 20 years Son has severe autism, learning disabilities and limited communication skills
    2. National Roundup
    3. New York Court to Google: Tell NYer who posted about her Consultant says disparaging posts could harm her professional prospects
    4. Nation Caring for women behind bars Report faults state prisons' treatment of mothers


    1. -- Informed Vote 2010 -- TV ads start airing in race for Mich.'s secretary of state Benson and Johnson draw contrasts
    2. Traverse City Michigan doctor invents shoulder relief brace
    3. Lansing Source: Clinton to campaign for Mich. Democrats
    4. AdWatch Dems tie GOP justice to summer oil spill


    1. New York Jury rejects entrapment defense in NYC bomb plot Man convicted on all 8 counts
    2. Washington Why U.S. lawyers fight for law on gays Obama opposes DOJ has tradition of defending laws signed by a president
    3. Tennessee Questioning in mosque case hinges on Islamic law
    4. Court Roundup


    1. Personal Finance H&R Block suit may signal sunset of refund loans
    2. Economy Jobless claims fall to 452K, but still remain elevated Not much progress made this year
    3. Small Business New bill offers retirement plan changes for workers
    4. Real Estate NY to hold lawyers accountable on foreclosures Attorneys have obligation to ensure documents are valid


    1. Daily Briefs (Oct 22)
    2. Friday Feature: Attorney remains 'focused' on his career opportunities
    3. Match up
    4. Select Company Judges Nicholson, Asadoorian honored as 'Esteemed Women'
    5. Supreme Court case is inspiration for Wayne Law sculpture