December 2, 2010

    1. Legal View: They don?t know what 'frivolous' is
    2. Bench Mark: The shifting acronym
    3. Money matters: Make a plan before paying down your debt


    1. Nation Failed drug war Hundreds of cartel arrests did not curb drug trade
    2. Connecticut State Supreme Court to hear case over immigrant-benefits Legal issues stem from welfare overhaul
    3. Washington, D.C. Blocking maneuver GOP says it'll block bills until tax cuts extended
    4. Washington, D.C. In WikiLeaks wake, whistle-blower bill set to pass Obama is expected to sign bill intended to discourage leaks
    5. National Roundup


    1. Eye on Lansing Snyder to re-split DNR, DEQ in his administration Governor elect plans to divide state departments into six separate groups
    2. Lansing Snyder remains vague on extending jobless benefits 'There's a balancing act,' he says
    3. Lansing Pressure builds for Pure Michigan tourism promotion funding Campaign's budget is about $5.4 million


    1. California 1970s L.A. Skid Row killings conviction overturned
    2. Court Roundup


    1. Report: States face more financial stress
    2. Personal Finance How smart is that? Technology is making mobile payments much easier
    3. Economy State tax revenues rise for 3rd straight quarter Tax revenue is still 7 percent what it was two years ago
    4. Economy Taming budget deficits requires options that cause pain Poll finds more than a dozen deficit-cutting ideas not very popular with voters


    1. Grosse Pointe attorney gets plug in new legal thriller Auto crash forensic consultant pens novel about expert witnesses
    2. Daily Briefs (Dec 2)
    3. On the Border
    4. Spirit moves her Attorney earns recognition for her desire to give back to community