December 7, 2010

    1. Money Matters: Strong growth or inflation?
    2. One Perspective: Show your papers, and keep quiet
    3. Law Life: Flip this house: Spurned buyer seeks lost profits


    1. Florida Town that Disney built has 1st killing since start Unsolved murder happened over Thanksgiving holiday
    2. Mississippi Process servers on radar for 2011 session Some process servers may have lied about delivering subpoenas
    3. Texas Hearing on death penalty starts in Houston court Legal and academic witnesses to testify wrongful convictions
    4. Nebraska Prosecutors say woman let molester abuse her son
    5. Protecting government computers -- and sensitive data U.S. works to secure some 2,400 network connections as hackers advance
    6. National Roundup
    7. Supreme Court Notebook


    1. Eye on Lansing Next DEQ director promises pragmatic approach Says economic growth, environmental protection not mutually exclusive
    2. Firm announces Diversity Scholarships
    3. State Roundup


    1. New York Madoff trustee sues HSBC for $9B in NY court Suit alleges bank ignored warning signs from CPAs
    2. Montana More waiting for Indian plaintiffs in $3.4B settlement
    3. Nevada Diocese of Reno sued over man's retaliation claim Man says he is a whistleblower
    4. Court Roundup


    1. The 'new normal' v. the billable hour In-house counsel continue to experiment with new fee structures
    2. Economy American voices on making the economy move People around the country share ideas for invigorating the economy
    3. So how would you kick-start the economy?


    1. Washtenaw The end of an era as Blondeen Munson retires after 34 years
    2. Natural Way WSU professor is passionate about protecting environment
    3. U.S. Court to look at huge sex bias suit vs. Wal-Mart Dispute could involve billions of dollars in back pay for women
    4. U.S. Supreme Court Watch Court to hear arguments over state immigration law Outcome could signal how high court would handle SB1070
    5. Daily Briefs (Dec 7)
    6. Anniversary Party