December 8, 2010

    1. Legal View: Bear mauls child in Utah: Is anyone to blame?
    2. Taking Stock: Go for the gold?
    3. One Perspective: Can the Dems recover by 2012?


    1. National Roundup
    2. Arizona Discipline case launched against county attorney Lawyer denies the allegations, calls ethics case a 'witch hunt'
    3. North Dakota Friend says murder-for-hire suspect discussed plan for homicide Man is accused of killing dentist with a hammer
    4. California Televised gay marriage hearing attracts audience via C-SPAN
    5. ABA section continues to consider whether to accredit foreign law schools
    6. Washington U.S. judge rejects targeted-killing case of cleric Says father does not have authority to stop gov't from killing his son


    1. Detroit Judge: School boss exceeded his authority Position is not 'autocratic'
    2. Agenda for MSC conference Dec. 15
    3. Business Kellogg CEO to retire, Bryant to assume role Company says 2010 was one of its most difficult and disappointing years
    4. Flushing Township Flint-area woman gets late dad's WWII Purple Heart
    5. State Roundup


    1. Court Roundup
    2. Virginia Lawyer blogs draw fans, foes and a few clients Most lawyers view blogs as long-term marketing tools


    1. Money Of particular note Gov't checking 1.1B new $100 bills for flaws
    2. Retail Small luxuries Shoppers treat themselves to lattes and lacy bras
    3. Automotive More auto loans going to subprime buyers Other signs indicate credit market is finally thawing
    4. Business Minn.'s top lawyer sues Discover over charges Telemarketers confused consumers into buying protection programs


    1. Daily Briefs (Dec 8)
    2. Historic Moment
    3. Rights of Nature Effort may give birds, bees, trees legal standing
    4. Cameras in the courtroom Judge Strong, Detroit Legal News, make cameo appearances on 'Detroit 1-8-7'
    5. MSU professor devoted to the law and economics, committed to music and art