December 23, 2010

    1. J.D. Salinger catches infringer in the Rye?
    2. Money Matters: History brings hope for stock market


    1. National Roundup
    2. California Judge orders feds to pay $2.5M in wiretapping case Punitive damages were not awarded
    3. New York U.S. suits against Pakistani spy chief face hurdles Lawyers look to $1.5 billion settlement with Libya as example
    4. Labor Law Rule would promote union rights in workplace AFL-CIO president calls proposal 'common sense policy'
    5. Should lawyers monitor jurors online? Ethicists and lawyers answer: It depends


    1. Lansing Gov.-elect Snyder wants budget done by July 1 Also plans to move up State of the State address by several weeks
    2. Lansing Michigan's medical marijuana law shrouded in haze Fourteen other states have similar statutes causing confusion


    1. Missouri Magistrate recommends rejecting atheist's lawsuit State gave $20,000 grant to help restore Christian landmark
    2. New York Man linked to Smurfs sentenced in extortion bid Lawyer to ask court to let man take back guilty plea


    1. Economy Soon the government check will no longer be in the mail New recipients of benefits will have to accept paperless payments on May 1 of next year
    2. Economy Economy grew modestly in July-September quarter Growth still not fast enough to significantly impact unemployment
    3. Health Care Feds: Medicare bilked for inhaler drugs in Fla. Medicare's 'pay and chase' method is boon for scam artists
    4. Personal Finance Young workers letting 401k savings slide


    1. Daily Briefs (Dec 23)
    2. Black Tie Holiday
    3. Nation - Pennsylvania Vigilantism discouraged in Philly strangler search Hundreds of comments and theories posted on Facebook page
    4. 36 retire from the busy 36th Magistrate retires after deciding some 380K cases
    5. Shifting Winds Farms in Thumb in path of plans for power lines
    6. Holiday gift ideas for the mobile attorney