December 24, 2010

    1. Taking Stock: Dinars to dollars
    2. The Firm: Super-charge your telephone conference calls
    3. Under Analysis: Digging into my law practice ? A holiday wish
    4. Eye on Lansing: Protecting Michigan's healthcare system
    5. One Perspective: Medicare reimbursement issue before Congress again


    1. National Roundup
    2. -- 2010 in Review -- Tragedies and triumphs A quake, a leak, a meltdown, a dramatic rescue
    3. International Law Pakistani drone victim seeks to put US on trial Some international law experts question legality of drone attacks


    1. Traverse City Rust Belt states losing people, political clout Michigan is only state where population declined over past decade
    2. Eye on Lansing Snyder makes appointments, announces police panel Panel to look at making law enforcement services more efficient


    1. Court Roundup
    2. Texas Group wants death penalty hearing to resume Judge considering whether death penalty statute is unconstitutional
    3. New Mexico Lawman's descendant objects to pardoning the Kid Issue centers on whether governor of territory promised a pardon


    1. Economy Fewer people apply for unemployment benefits Economy appears to be improving, but unemployment still high
    2. Economy Most companies restore 401(k) employee matches When companies suspended match, many employees quit contributing too
    3. Of Mutual Interest Are you ETF-curious? Here are the ABCs of ETFs


    1. Daily Briefs (Dec 24)
    2. On Point: Obama and guns: The end of appeasement?
    3. Plaque commemorating 'Vincent Chin' case erected in Ferndale
    4. Blogosphere: 2010 will not be the Year Without a Blogo Claus