January 5, 2011

    1. Taking Stock: Ball Corporation
    2. Law Life: 5 memorable Supreme Court moments from 2010
    3. The Firm: The conversion process: From potential client to paying client


    1. Washington Crime author's ex-business manager pleads guilty
    2. Pennsylvania Judge upholds groping lawsuit against Disney Suit says parks have a history of fondling complaints
    3. National Roundup
    4. Indiana Family sues over basketball team's haircut policy
    5. Idaho Former charter school poised for Bible fight
    6. North Carolina Legal challenges from businesses line up over state's smoking ban


    1. Lansing Mich. governor names more staff as new job begins
    2. State Roundup
    3. East Lansing Recovering addict turns to God, helps others


    1. Court Roundup


    1. Business Smokeless tobacco Virginia tobacco maker seeks new FDA designation
    2. Personal Finance 1st money challenge of 2011: Best use for pay hike
    3. Real Estate BofA $2.8 billion settlement 'clears air' Analysts say government gave bank an attractive deal
    4. Manufacturing Factory outlook bright after months of growth


    1. Job hunters, financially strapped families are scammer's targets
    2. Source: Corrigan to leave court Conservative justice expected to accept post in DHS
    3. Blanchard keynoter at 2nd Tertzag Tribute Dinner Attorney Lujan to receive coveted Purple Sportcoat Award
    4. Kalamazoo gets area's first minority bar association
    5. Michigan Supreme Court High court throws out major 2004 environmental ruling in final days Controversial decision could be overturned by incoming conservative court
    6. Holiday Feeling
    7. Daily Briefs (Jan 5)