February 1, 2011

    1. The Firm: Home versus office: Where should you work?
    2. Money Matters: Amended returns don't qualify for timely mailing rule


    1. Texas Human trafficking hard to prove, hard to stop
    2. Wisconsin At least 135 attorneys keep licenses after convictions
    3. Alabama Attorney general to look at cold cases
    4. Washington, D.C. Senior adviser exiting Axelrod on way out: 'We've learned some lessons'
    5. Nebraska Small firm wins $21.1 million in retrial over failed lifeline Failure-to-warn claim was sole issue to be tried
    6. National Roundup
    7. Texas Tight funding affects some law libraries Paying for fresh research material is a problem
    8. Wisconsin Lawyer for accuser: Vatican rejected lawsuit


    1. China trade, economic law experts meet in Detroit
    2. State Roundup
    3. Detroit Calif. man accused in plot against mosque
    4. Eye on Lansing Relationships within Michigan GOP remain uneasy Social conservatives wait to see if Snyder helps or hinders


    1. Court Roundup
    2. North Dakota Professor says geography bee violates Title IX Claims National Geographic Society retaliated against him for objecting
    3. Colorado Lawsuit challenges state's public defender law


    1. Manufacturing Despite China's might, U.S. factories maintain edge America continues to out-produce China by nearly 40 percent
    2. Philanthropy Annual letter from Gates Microsoft co-founder: Helping world's poor is a good investment
    3. Personal Finance State of U.S. personal finance: How are we doing? Investors who stayed with stocks are in better financial shape


    1. DMBA, Cooley team up to expand pro bono services Full Service Partnership
    2. Law Life: The wisdom to know the difference
    3. Daily Briefs (Feb 1)
    4. Congrats grads!
    5. Editors, publishers give Gov. Snyder warm welcome Gov: Job one is jobs
    6. Wayne Law plans 2011 Treasure of Detroit Gala at DIA