February 3, 2011

    1. One Perspective: Snyder should adopt HSAs for government employees
    2. Money Matters: See the future in the power of the yield curve
    3. Law Life: Should lawyers use Groupon to offer discounts?


    1. Colorado Watchdog group sues to block academy prayer event Academy says prayer luncheon is voluntary
    2. Washington RNC: $23 million debt as it gears up for 2012 New party chairman Reince Priebus works to overhaul operation
    3. Missouri Church, nonprofit settle sex abuse lawsuit
    4. Washington U.S. census estimates indicate big gains for minority populations Michigan would have sustained larger decline if not for Hispanic growth
    5. Oklahoma Chaos in Tulsa Leaders' power struggle roils 'most livable' city
    6. Virginia Man's abuse story moves legislators to act Statute of limitations may be extended


    1. Beaver Island Lighthouse for the lost Tiny island school a beacon for wayward teens


    1. Labor Law Employers face new lawsuits over job-screening practice EEOC sends signals that background, credit checks may discriminate
    2. Court Roundup


    1. Tax experts offer tips for preparing returns
    2. Some credits, deductions could trip up taxpayers
    3. There's still enough time to contribute to IRA, save on taxes
    4. Personal Finance It's never too early to start thinking taxes Generous tax breaks make reforming tax code difficult
    5. Avoid scammers: Look for 'red flags' when seeking foreclosure help


    1. Quip Pro Quo Law professor performs stand-up comedy routines
    2. OCBA's ABCs New lawyers can return to their elementary roots