April 13, 2011

    1. On the Record: Direct examination
    2. TAKING STOCK: Medicis
    3. Law Life: Useful iPad apps for the tech-savvy lawyer
    4. Legal View: Most death penalty rationales fray under scrutiny


    1. Arizona: Legal arguments delay sweat lodge guru's trial Defense says prosecutors deliberately withheld evidence
    2. Ohio: State executes man for killing fellow jail inmate
    3. Ohio: State high court asked to intervene in local judge race
    4. National Roundup


    1. Kentucky: Thrifty sheriff receives secondhand guns, ammunition, and police cars
    2. State Roundup
    3. Grand Rapids: Professor makes an unexpected discovery
    4. Eye on Lansing: Snyder signs sex offender registry bills Teen offenders will not needlessly be added to list
    5. Tennessee: What in the hell? Reverend didn't envision controversy over book
    6. Lansing: Ex-Ingham County employee sues over voice test


    1. Louisiana: Lawsuit filed over tiger kept at truck stop- Animal advocates want cats removed
    2. Virginia: Grand jury gets murder case in lacrosse slaying
    3. Court Roundup


    1. Personal Finance: Credit Scores 411: What you need to know now
    2. Economy: Spending Showdown- Budget tricks helped Obama save programs from cuts
    3. Economy: February trade deficit narrows to $45.8 billion- Trade is not expected to have much impact on U.S. economic growth
    4. Business: Federal court to try monks' casket case


    1. Daily Briefs, April 13
    2. Award Winning
    3. U-M's Faller receives lifetime award
    4. The bubble across the pond
    5. Law firm releases diversity report
    6. SBM McCree Award winners to be honored at ceremony