April 28, 2011

    1. Local Voice: Taking a look at Law Day
    2. Law Life: Protecting your client's interests -- and your own
    3. Money Matters: A misleading inflation rate: Consumer Price Index
    4. Legal View: What every employer needs to know about the new ADAAA regulations


    1. Massachusetts: 5 charged in bullying case strike deals
    2. Lawyer for Guantanamo detainees: Nothing more powerful than federal courts
    3. National Roundup
    4. Colorado: Mall bomb suspect has long criminal history; DNA evidence from homemade bomb led investigators to man
    5. Milwaukee: Creator of pocket bra claims patent infringement
    6. Supreme Court Watch: Court imposes limits on class actions
    7. Informed Vote 2012: 2012 presidential candidates 'friend' social media Campaigns now need 'digital embassies' across the Internet
    8. Louisiana: Judge quits Baton Rouge murder case
    9. Wisconsin: Recount begins in state Supreme Court election


    1. Baby boomers seek 2nd careers as entrepreneurs
    2. Eye on Lansing: Is there a windfall on the horizon for Michigan? Snyder cautions against banking on extra money for state budget
    3. State Roundup
    4. Lansing: MSP: Asking for cellphone data is 'uncommon'


    1. Supreme Court Watch: U.S. Supreme Court imposes limits on class actions; Businesses can block customers from using class actions
    2. Court Roundup
    3. Virginia: Suspected pirate pleads not guilty
    4. Virginia: Va Tech appealing fed fines from '07 mass shooting AG calls Dept. of Ed. finding 'absolutely appalling'


    1. Economy: As economy gains strength, Fed weighs what's next; How much of a threat inflation poses is a matter of disagreement
    2. Economy: Poll: Working boomers say age a plus at office; Workers have reasons to keep jobs longer
    3. Technology: Tablet worries loom over Microsoft's fiscal 3Q


    1. Making the world a better place-Retiring magistrate works to improve lives
    2. Intellectual network: Dinner brings together female IP attorneys