April 29, 2011

    1. Taking Stock: Bebe and Synovus
    2. One Perspective: Don't like the EFM law? Rein in government employee unions
    3. On Point: A stroll down memory lane
    4. The Firm: An inclusive firm is a happy firm


    1. National Roundup
    2. Washington: 247 people on terror watch list buy guns It is not illegal for people on list to purchase weapons
    3. Idaho: Teachers union sues state, governor over reform law
    4. Iowa: Food company to pay $1.7M to plant workers Company was accused of abusing mentally disabled men
    5. Louisiana: Judge: Angola inmate can defend self


    1. Summary of case to be heard by Michigan Supreme Court May 3
    2. Court Roundup
    3. New Jersey: Suburb sued over denial of mosque proposal: Town abruptly changed zoning laws
    4. Idaho: Federal judge rules against gag order in prison suit


    1. Real Estate: More Americans signed contracts to buy homes in March; Sale agreements rose 5.1 percent
    2. Economy: Economy slowed by high gas prices, bad weather; 1.8 pct growth weakest showing since last spring
    3. More people applied for unemployment last week; Recovery is slow and uneven
    4. Technology: Experts: Apple should've addressed concerns sooner
    5. Energy: Exxon earns nearly $11B in 1Q, best since '08


    1. ON WITH THE SHOW: Attorney provides behind-the-scenes support for 'Ernie'
    2. Signature Success: Foundation raises record amount at Signature Event
    3. Israeli Arab justice to speak at Cooley's Auburn campus
    4. State Supreme Court to hold oral arguments May 3
    5. Attorneys ready to put their best foot forward in 'March for Babies'
    6. Daily Briefs, April 29