May 24, 2011

    1. Money Matters: Credit is a fact of life, but use it carefully
    2. Counselor's Corner: Surprises and surrender
    3. Legal View: Can homeowner resist unlawful entry by police?


    1. Idaho: Juvenile lockup school helps young offenders; Strict structure and rigid rules help students feel secure
    2. Washington: GOP frosh take care of districts in defense bill; House is scheduled to vote on the $553B bill this week
    3. National Roundup
    4. Arizona: Inmate set to die this week files for stay of execution
    5. Florida: Casey Anthony trial to hinge on forensic evidence


    1. Honigman attorneys address conference
    2. State Roundup
    3. Detroit: Mother battles Michigan over daughter's medication
    4. Grand Rapids: Husband and wife married 76 years die 3 days apart
    5. Benton Harbor: Emergency measures; City becomes epicenter of debate over emergency manager bill


    1. Court Roundup
    2. New Mexico: Pay-to-play scandal figure denies any wrongdoing
    3. Supreme Court Watch: Court won't help in fight over plane; Pentagon canceled attack plane 20 years ago
    4. Mississippi: Death row inmate seeks to block execution


    1. Economy: Back to gold; Gold, silver coins to be legal currency in Utah
    2. Economy: Retirement insecurity; Poll shows most Americans don't believe Medicare has to be cut


    1. Overburdened: ABA says immigration court system is in crisis
    2. Daily Briefs, May 24
    3. Helmets and hotdogs . . . it must be Law Day- Firm to hold 24th annual legal aid clinic in fair-like setting
    4. ACLU: Public defender system fails defendants, state at large Groups hope latest report will be springboard for reform