May 25, 2011

    1. Law Life: Do lawyers have duty to supervise the cloud?
    2. On Professionalism: Retired attorney receives annual civility award
    3. Profile in Brief: Comics and crises
    4. Taking Stock: Who's right about the stock market?


    1. New Jersey: NJ Supreme Court orders state to give schools more; Ruling falls under decades-long school funding lawsuit
    2. Arizona: Lawsuit challenges state's Medicaid eligibility cut; Lawsuit alleges new eligibility rules violate state constitution
    3. Virginia: NYT reporter subpoenaed in CIA case
    4. National Roundup
    5. Oregon: State Senate votes to remove spiritual defense against murder; Bill drafted in response to deaths of children


    1. State Roundup
    2. Lansing: Michigan schools still face deep cuts in 2011-12
    3. Detroit: Saul Green to retire as deputy mayor; No reason given for decision
    4. Traverse City: Small auto business -- really small; Restored microcars can get 60 mpg and cost $35,000
    5. Lansing: Michigan unions: Reduce state managers, contracts


    1. The Firm: Every client is a potential collection problem
    2. Oklahoma: Jury in pharmacist's trial visit pharmacy Defendant says he shot teenage robber in self-defense
    3. Pennsylvania: 5 Muslim immigrants appeal terror convictions in NJ plot; Defense: FBI entrapped the young men
    4. Georgia: Justice Thomas takes aim at court's critics


    1. Business: Smucker boosts prices of most U.S. coffee products
    2. Education: What's it worth? New study tells students the worth of their majors
    3. Broken Budgets: States shorten duration for unemployment benefits
    4. Real Estate: Troubled home market creates generation of renters


    1. Case against Conyers, Detroit clears hurdle; Judge Roberts sets settlement conference date
    2. Columnist, blogger, lawyer: Attorney finds niche in family law and writing
    3. Summit helps leaders recognize signs of mental illness, identify resources; Judge: Need for mental health assistance increasing, but resources are tighter