June 2, 2011

    1. Legal View: Preparing expert witnesses after 2010 amendments
    2. Confessions of a Condor: Yes, Chipster, there is a Climate Claus
    3. Money Matters: Don't overemphasize the Morningstar rating
    4. Commentary: One Perspective: This one will leave you all choked up


    1. Washington, D.C.: Hoopla and hype hover over unsettled GOP field; Unease over frontrunner Romney prompts casting of wide net
    2. National Roundup
    3. New York: State attorney general suing feds over gas drilling Suit calls for an environmental review of Delaware River watershed
    4. Pennsylvania: Ex-chief gets prison in cover up of death; Man sentenced to 13 months
    5. Illinois: Judge admonishes Blagojevich: Stop smuggling in testimony; Judge implies the ex-governor's motives are 'other than the pursuit of truth'
    6. Kansas: Jury unconvinced man lied about genocide; Man was convicted of lying to immigration officials
    7. South Dakota: Death row inmate questions quality of drug


    1. Monroe: After 19 years, man finds his missing twin brother
    2. Eye on Lansing: Mich. families need 3 times minimum wage to thrive; State's greatest job growth through 2018 will be in lower paying fields
    3. Detroit: Park sees nature taking root in vacant plant complex
    4. Pepper Hamilton attorney selected for leadership program


    1. Court Roundup
    2. New York: Woman 'devastated' by NYC officers' rape acquittal


    1. Broken Budgets: Empty summer in the city for kids hit by cutbacks; Some city officials are trying to fight back with private partnerships
    2. Real Estate: Cities that weathered housing bust now suffering; Home prices in metro areas have dropped to lowest since 2002


    1. Picture Perfect
    2. It's Grill . . . or be Grilled