July 8, 2011

    1. Taking Stock: Simon says you got stiffed
    2. Lawyers need to be more like carnies
    3. State pension underfunding liability jumps $6.6B, confirming need for reform


    1. Supreme Court Watch Railroad, maritime lawyers see victory in court ruling Justice Thomas provides unusual swing vote, siding with railroad worker
    2. National Roundup
    3. Texas Fort Hood shooting suspect will face death penalty Major who massacred 13 will be tried in a military court
    4. Mississippi DA: Black man run over, killed in hate crime Judge raises bail to $800,000 after hearing details
    5. ABA's Center on Children and the Law holds second annual conference July 13-14


    1. Governor appoints Dykema attorney to Michigan Military Appeals Tribunal


    1. Rate on 30-year fixed mortgage rises to 4.60 pct.
    2. Economy Fewer people sought unemployment aid last week But applications have topped 400,000 for 13 straight weeks
    3. Retail Retailers post strong June sales driven by promotions Analysts worry momentum may not continue into fall
    4. Energy U.N. reports surging global investments in renewable energy Developing world attracted majority of investments


    1. Of two worlds - Immigration attorney strives to help people stay in their new country
    2. Friday Feature: August attorney For 35 years, Auggie Hutting was the voice for victims who could not speak
    3. Daily Briefs July 8
    4. 3rd Circuit Court to hold the first graduation ceremony of Power Court Program teaches parents how to find a job, train for GED and meet responsibilities
    5. Law firm mergers up 47 percent