July 27, 2011

    1. Taking Stock: Borrowing from Peter to pay Peter
    2. On Point: It wasn't Ford's idea, but he bought it
    3. The Firm: Recruiting and retaining young talent


    1. Florida Drugs taken from mom accused of killing her two kids
    2. Washington Bail set for man accused in nightclub shooting Jealous husband shot seven people
    3. Nation Most U.S. states likely to spurn gay marriage 30 states constitutionally limit marriage to man and woman
    4. Attorneys to receive ABA Medal
    5. Indiana High court to hear dispute over welfare denials
    6. National Roundup


    1. Dykema named top real estate law firm
    2. State Roundup
    3. Traverse City Cryonics pioneer dies at age 92 Ettinger's body frozen
    4. Traverse City U.S. court rejects challenge to EPA ballast permit Ruling escalates battle between shipping industry and environmentalists
    5. Lansing Dan Kildee says he's considering run for Congress
    6. Class of 14 mediators to graduate from Cooley Law School Aug. 3


    1. Pennsylvania Judge halts release of cardinal's secret testimony
    2. Arkansas Shooter in soldier killing sentenced to life Victims' families accept plea deal that avoids death penalty
    3. New Jersey ACLU likely to drop lawsuit against gov


    1. Economy Wealth gap widens between whites, minorities Analysis shows racial and ethnic impact of meltdown
    2. Business Post office ponders closing 1 in 10 retail outlets
    3. Real Estate Spring buying boosted home prices for 2nd month


    1. Witness: Hit man said teen had no role in slayings Attorney wants teen's murder convictions overturned
    2. Daily Briefs, July 27
    3. Empowered
    4. Local Voice: Look upon a little child
    5. Profile in Brief: Mara Kent - Under Contract